Journeyman belts are different. We use only the very best top grain English bridle leather, with solid brass, or nickel plated brass buckles (all made in Britain).The belts are hand stitched for extra strength (not riveted), and hand finished and polished.
Beware of belts that have a line of “decorative” stitching on a plain belt – this means the leather is a “split”; slices through the hide taken and stitched together, with a fake plastic surface applied.
Some belts call themselves leather, but are as chipboard is to wood; shredded and mashed waste leather bits re-formed and a plastic surface added. They will not last long.
Leather belts with “haircell” prints are to disguise inferior, scratched or scarred surfaces. The leather may be fine, but it is not of sellable quality as bridle leather. Real bridle leather should have a smooth shiny surface.
Finally, beware cheap pressed buckles. They will rapidly fall apart, the plating liable to flake. Our buckles are cast brass, or solid stainless steel, and should last several lifetimes. See how we make our belts here
To order choose the width you require - up to 1¼" will fit most trousers; 1½" is fine for jeans. 2" belts, especially the bulky braided and raised styles will not go through most trousers or jeans. Please check before buying. Laced belts are about ¼" wider than the actual belt width, Laced 2" belts will not generally fit through belt loops. Please note - 2" belts are not sent on approval; we cannot accept them as returns unlrss there is a significant defect in materials or manufacture. Then choose colour - black or brown. (we usually stock a light tan or red also at a small extra charge. contact us )  Our belt sizes are waist sizes, not the overall length: Measure where you normally wear a belt, then order the range that fits. If your size falls between two ranges just e-mail, or leave a message in the text box, and we'll make a belt of the exact size (no extra charge). Please check waist measurements before ordering - add a couple of inches (50mm) to trousers sizes for your belt size.  Please choose a solid brass or stainless steeL buckle-click for a larger picture - (wire or crown buckles are not available for 2 inch belts)  Brass Buckles Click for a bigger picture