Pony sandals

£48.00 per pair (£52.70 including UK delivery if you are sending a cheque with patterns)

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Leather, hand stitched “sandals” useful for ponies, horses or donkeys with sensitive feet; handy for keeping poultices on, or just helping a footsore pony cope with stony ground. The sandals are made from thick, hard wearing chrome tanned leather. We have used them for riding/driving a few hours a day, three days a week for a whole summer.

To order, simply make a template of each foot on stiff paper or card – an old cereal packet is ideal. Mark each pattern “Left” or “Right”.

Send the patterns to Journeyman Leather, Sandness, Shetland ZE2 9PL UK.

If you prefer, you can e-mail the patterns - please send in PDF format, saved at 100%. Mark the actual size in inches or cm across the pattern in a few places so we can check they've printed accurately at our end.

You can either enclose a cheque for £52.70 per pair (from the UK) along with a return name and address, or click on the “add to basket” link below to pay online before posting your templates.

Please note – these sandals are only suitable for ponies and donkeys with feet up to 5 inches across.